Responsible Investment Policy

“Everyday at Integra our principles guide our work, developing a cohesive character and culture. These values were established by our founders and embraced by everyone at Integra. In addition to our subject matter expertise, it is this philosophy that guides our actions and allows us to create positive economic and social impact for our stakeholders.”

Integra Managing Partner

From our very inception, responsible investment has been at the heart of Integra's core values. We are driven by a mission to promote social mobility through alternative investments, aiming to democratize access and remove barriers that hinder global investors from effecting meaningful change while achieving outstanding returns. We view venture capital as a conduit to this noble purpose.

This mission motivates us to attract investors who not only possess high net worth but also hold unwavering ethical standards. Just as we uphold high values in our partnerships, our investment choices reflect the same meticulous standards, ensuring an unbreakable alignment between our principles and actions.

In steadfast dedication to the above, Integra launched the Better Future Fund, a fund that focuses on supporting early-stage Latinx entrepreneurs who are reshaping the business landscape of the Americas. It seeks to empower visionary founders who challenge the traditional way of doing things and create scalable solutions. Our goal is to make a lasting and meaningful impact on the world.

Our investment philosophy revolves around responsible investing, where we prioritize factors such as exceptional team quality, purpose-driven founders, ethical conduct, financial success, avoidance of environmental misconduct, and the development of life-improving solutions through technology. Our dedication to building a sustainable future is unwavering, and our updated Responsible Investment Policy is a testament to this enduring commitment.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our impact extends far beyond investment figures. We are dedicated to nurturing a profound transformation within our portfolio companies, aligning their growth trajectories with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By strategically guiding our investee companies, we actively contribute to various SDGs.

Our support fosters innovation, job creation, and economic growth, which are instrumental in achieving Goal 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Furthermore, we champion diversity, equity, and inclusion within the corporate realm, directly contributing to Goal 5 - Gender Equality.

Through sustainable practices and technological advancements, we facilitate responsible consumption and production, thereby advancing Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production.

By prioritizing ethical conduct, corporate governance, and community engagement, we uphold Goal 16 - Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions.

Our unwavering commitment to these SDGs not only amplifies the success of our portfolio companies but also fuels a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous future for all.

Principles and Commitments

In the realm of responsible investment, our approach is guided by an unshakable commitment to ethical integrity, social responsibility, sustainable growth, and rigorous due diligence. Segmenting our efforts into the following aspects:

Our firm joined to UN Principles for Responsible Investment in 2020, embracing and recognizing our solemn duty to act in the best long-term interests of those we serve. By becoming a signatory Integra is fully committed to:

We remain committed to continually improving our responsible investing strategies to address emerging challenges and seize new opportunities.


Managing Partner, Compliance Officer, and Investment Committee Team:

These key stakeholders collectively shape the bedrock of our responsible investment philosophy. Their unwavering commitment ensures that our investment decisions are firmly rooted in ethical integrity, sustainability, and societal advancement. Working collaboratively, they guide our portfolio companies towards a future that aligns seamlessly with our core values. From strategic vision to due diligence, their dedication resonates throughout our investment process, fostering innovation, transparency, and positive impact at every turn.

Integra ESG Integration

The following table highlights the stages applied to Integra’s responsible investment process. These processes are applicable to investing activities across Integra’s businesses, except where otherwise noted. While some differences in application exist between the asset classes due to the nature of the investments, the table below describes our process across the relevant asset classes.

Disclosure: Integra Groupe also invests in emerging markets, specifically Latin America. Latin America is a region with a relatively shorter track record of responsible investing and governance. As such, we are deploying our proprietary ESG framework in a qualitative manner in this region. This approach allows us to adapt to the unique challenges and opportunities presented by emerging markets while continuing to uphold our commitment to responsible investing practices.


Our investment philosophy stands firmly on a foundation of ethical responsibility and aligning our portfolio with our values. To ensure this alignment, we have established a robust set of exclusions that guide our investment decisions. We refrain from investing in companies engaged in activities that:

This includes steering clear of enterprises that contribute to environmental degradation, such as those involved in deforestation, pollution, or unsustainable resource extraction. Likewise, we reject any association with businesses that perpetuate human suffering, including those linked to child labor, forced labor, or discriminatory practices. Our commitment extends to not associate with entities that disregard human rights, enabling us to contribute to a more equitable and just world.